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KGaA, with its headquarters in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest, is a world market leader in the field of portable and stationary measurement solutions. In 34 subsidiary companies around the world, about 3. The measurement technology expert convinces overworldwide customers with highly precise measuring instruments and innovative solutions for the measurement data management of tomorrow.

The above-average investments in the future of the company are a part of Testo's recipe for success. KGaA has written many large and small success stories. Here is an overview of the best ones. KGaA is represented on all five continents. Worldwide, about staff are working for the company. Interesting people, impressive careers, exciting product applications and fascinating technology. The Testo world has many ineresting stories to offer.

As a company operating in the air conditioning and environmental measuring technology sector, the sustainable use of resources is an integral part of Testo's self-image. World market leader in measurement technology. Home Company. We work hard for our success — and are happy that this is rewarded.

testo company

Testo worldwide. Certificates can be downloaded.These include calibration, test equipment management, qualification and validation. KGaAwe have more than 60 years of experience in the field of measurement technology. Our comprehensive range of services and our experience are the basis of our promise: More assurance, better Service.

We support you individually, custom-fit and according to your needs, from individual measurements and calibrations to the management of complex projects. My data will only be used strictly for the purpose of processing and responding to my request. I agree that Testo Industrial Services GmbH may pass on my data to certified service partners for processing and answering my request.

Services Calibration Calibration. On-site calibration. Electrical measuring parameters. Thermodynamic measuring parameters. Mechanical measuring parameters. Flow rate measuring parameters. Dimensional measuring parameters. Acoustic measuring parameters. Analytical measuring parameters. Pick-up and delivery service. Test equipment management Test equipment management. Qualification Qualification.

Qualification of cleanrooms. Validation Validation. Cleaning validation. Process validation. Transport validation. Computer and software validation. Know-how Seminars. Career Career. Testo Industrial Services Our company About us and our company.It was founded inand received its first accreditation in by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

Respecting the principles of good laboratory practice, hiring professionals, as well as working with the best equipment in the world are some of the reasons why Laboratorija d.

To accomplish its objectives, the management of Laboratorija d. Calibration service is provided both in our specialized laboratory and on the spot in your company with minimal retention of your equipment. The quality of the service and the trust we earn from our clients is an essential element of our business strategy, our business policy and one of the main tasks of our management and all other employees.

In order to improve our services, in December we have expanded our business activities to calibrating the instruments for measuring air velocity and piston-operated apparatus with gravimetric method pipettes, dispensers and burettes.

Our MISSIONbeing part of the national network of accredited laboratories for calibration, is to contribute to gaining reliability and traceable standards in the field of calibrating measuring instruments used every day. Our GOAL is to make quality service, client reliability and respecting deadlines our trademark characteristics.

As part of our training centre program we will train our staff and our clients on how to provide the best possible service to other users.

The testo i Smart Probe is a compact wireless vane anemometer for measuring air velocity, and temperature and deriving volume flow. It is used at air outlets, and for monitoring the air flow of ventilation systems.

testo company

The testo i Smart Probe is an infrared IR thermometer that provides non-contact temperature readings; great for checking breakers, motors, ducts, and registers from a distance.

The measurement area is indicated by a circular laser pattern which asssures accurate targeting measurement. The testo i Smart Probe is a wireless differential pressure probe used for accurate low-pressure measurements.

The testo i is great for measuring pressure in manifolds, static pressure, and pressure drops in buildings or ventilation systems. Use it to measure the pressure drop across coils and filters or in ducts and systems. You can reliably determine timed and multipoint flow traverses. The testo i Smart Probe is a pipe-clamp probe that measures temperature in pipes more accurately than thermocouples because of the superior NTC temperature sensor technology.

The exclusive Testo probe design grips pipes up to 1. Izdvojeni Proizvodi. Key Features: Quickly and accurately measures air temperature in rooms, ducts, registers, and outlets Fast acting temperature probe quickly tracks changes and shows trends on a graphic display Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and powerful testo Smart Probes App in your smart device Tough, accurate, and easy-to-use.

Key Features: Measures non-contact temperature Optic target ratio Measurement area indicated by circular laser pattern assures accurate assessments Photograph objects with smart device, capturing measurement marker and temperature values for reference and reporting.Testo is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of portable test and measurement instrumentation and solutions. Backed by 60 years of measuring engineering experience, our mission is to provide the best quality, service, and value in the industry.

In addition, Testo is recognized as the leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency analyzers and air emission analyzers. Testo has become a major supplier of HVAC, critical HVAC, refrigeration, airflow, and environmental monitoring instruments for markets as diverse as chemical, food service and production, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and residential HVAC suppliers.

The company was founded in in Lenzkirch, in the Black Forest region of Germany. Testo has been privately owned since its inception. Today, Testo consists of 33 subsidiaries and over 60 agents around the world. Testo's first product manufactured was a simple electronic thermometer. Today, the product line has expanded to include a large variety of temperature measuring instruments, such as data loggers, air velocity meters, humidity and dew point meters, refrigeration service analyzers, multifunction instruments, stack gas analyzers and air emission monitors, water analyzers, tachometers, sound, pressure, and light meters, and thermal imagers.

Testo offers NIST calibrations where applicable on all instruments, as well as ISO quality standards, and up to three year warranties on parts, plus service for the life of the instrument. World market leader in measurement technology.Last Updated on October 7th, If you are looking for a little help with your training, perhaps due to hitting a plateau with your training then you might be tempted into signing up for the Testo Max HD trial.

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testo company

If you cannot get in touch with them using the contact details provided then I would recommend phoning your bank. Richard, you need to use the contact details provided in the above review.

This page has no link to this offer. This is a rip-off!Contact Us Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. For more information. For more information Testo very handy, small and easy measures differential pressure in the range from 0 to hPa.

For more information Testo T Meas. For more information Testo Precise measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure All important values directly at a glance Large, easily legible display Adjustable calibration reminder function optional For more information. For more information Testo Minithermometer Universally applicable Restaurant,food production,liquid,quick chek, …. Used in stores,transportation,laboratories,food production,pharmacutical…. For more inforation Testo LL Professional flue gas analyzer.

It fulfils the highest demands and can cope with all measurement tasks on heating systems. Menus are stored in the instrument. It is possible to select from an extensive program of flue gas probes, which often replaces an additional measuring instrument.

It has three high-quality measuring cells for O2, CO and NO as well as a temperature probe integrated into the flue gas probe. For more information Testo offers the possibility of testing and analyzing air humidity, material moisture, U-value and the dewpoint in compressed air systems. For more information Testo Laser measurement point marker and large optics for exact measurement even at greater distances in Furnaces,motors, food production,……etc.

World Leader in Measurement Technology

For more information Testo vane anemometer with integrated mm Measurement of flow velocity, volume flow and temperature meas. Even low concentrations of the highly poisonous gas are detected.

For more information Testo CO2 measuring instrument with fixed probe incl. For more information Testo handy Lux meter incl.

Company Testo

Monitoring of processes in research and development, laboratories and hospitals Monitoring of processes in the pharmaceutical industry Monitoring the foodstuff cooling chain Monitoring in production, quality assurance and storage in industry Monitoring of the building climate.

For more information Testo stand out thanks to the combination of a pH immersion probe and a temperature probe for precise and fast temperature compensation. The testo pH1 is specially designed for fast pH checks in liquids. The testo pH2 is ideally suited for pH measurement in semi-solid and protein-rich foods such as jellies, creams, cheese, fruit etc. The testo pH3 is equipped with a BNC socket which allows the connection of any pH probes to the instrument For more information.

Measure safely and accurately even at high temperatures Meas. For more information Testo light meter incl.

Testo AG. Testo Products. Testo i. Infrared thermometer, in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet, functions as a compact IR thermometer for wall temperatures, as well as fuse and component temperatures in air conditioning systems. The measuring point is marked clearly with a laser circle made up of eight dots For more information.Can we, we keep Keep each other company? Maybe we, can be.

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testo company

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